How to Make Sure Your Social Media is a Safe Place

Social media can be a toxic place. However, by implementing these changes into how you use social media, you will find that it can be an empowering platform that can encourage you to be a better you.
#1 Avoid over-editing your photos to fit society’s beauty standards
Editing your photos so that you appear slimmer, curvier, lighter and less acne-prone only perpetuates society’s already-harsh beauty standards. Doing it too often could dangerously lead to body dysmorphia as you get so used seeing yourself under a filter rather than the real you. By showing who you are, you normalise the appearance of “flaws” and set your own beauty standards.
#2 Unfollow accounts that make you feel insecure
Following influencers can be empowering and provide a source of inspiration. However, if you start dieting or over-editing photos in order to look like them, maybe following them comes from a place of insecurity rather than healthy admiration. Just like Marie Kondo: declutter who you follow by asking yourself if following this person “sparks joy”.
#3 Avoid obsessing over the numbers of likes and followers
Beauty will always be subjective and, therefore, could never be weighed by the number of likes in a picture or the number of followers one has. Look only at the picture yourself; if it makes you feel beautiful and confident, don’t let the lack of validation make you feel otherwise.

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