We have come to a time where acceptance and awareness is needed to be acknowledge by everyone. BIEMI as a clothing brand wants to provide a safe place to embrace the different issues that are not appreciated enough to create an awareness in our daily society.

For the launch of our brand, we have come out with designs that is related to the first social issues that we are raising our awareness on, which is Body Shaming. The first season which will be titled Embrace Yourself will consist of three different designs, Embracing our uniqueness, Embrace our beauty, and Embrace our scars.

1. Embrace Our Uniqueness

At some point, we realize that we all human and we all have our own insecurities that we are trying to accept and live with. Some people believe that by observing how other people look and telling them about the changes that they have made over time that it is one way to show their affection towards others. When in fact, that is not always the case. Not everyone feels happy listening to the changes that they have made; and not everyone is happy listening to other people pointing out about the different features of our own body.
Through this drawing, we want to show that it is okay for us to stop listening to others and focus on our self. That it is okay that we are different from others, because the truth is, no one is the same! We are all different. We are all unique whether it is through the shape of our body, how curvy our body is, our height, or even scars that we have from our past experiences. These things make us US! These things make us unique and there is
nothing wrong with that. It is okay to stop listening to others and to be happy with your body.

2. Embrace Our Beauty

The design was made inspired by the ‘Body Positivity’ campaign. A lot of women feel like they are not enough, that they have to keep on following the different beauty standards that are out there and put other people’s happiness above our own. When in fact, not everyone feels happy to always keep up with the different beauty standards that keep on changing. Some of us may even find it as a burden or as a threat to our own confidence. That is where this design comes in.
This design was made as a way to remind other people that it is okay to not follow the beauty standards. That we are beautiful in our own way and our own happiness is more important than anything else. Besides, if you are happy with yourself and your own body, there won’t be anything that will be able to stop you!

3. Embrace Our Scars

We all have our own insecurities to battle with. Some of us may be insecure with the shape or colors of our body, how tall we are or even the scars that we have on our body.
Through this drawing, we want to show that the scars that we have in our body can be turned into something beautiful and it should not be something that we should be ashamed of. That we are not less because of the scars that we have in our body. Our scars don’t make us damaged or broken. We are beautiful just the way we are. Hence why we use bright colours and painted it on their face, because our scars can turn into something beautiful, as long as we see it in a positive way, instead of viewing it as something that is negative.

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