We have come to a time where acceptance and awareness is needed to be acknowledge by everyone. BIEMI as a clothing brand wants to provide a safe place to embrace the different issues that are not appreciated enough to create an awareness in our daily society.

For the launch of our brand, we have come out with designs that is related to the first social issues that we are raising our awareness on, which is Body Shaming. The first season which will be titled Embrace Yourself will consist of three different designs, Embracing our uniqueness, Embrace our beauty, and Embrace our scars.

1. Celebrate You

There’s no such thing as an easy life, each day we faced our own struggles yet somehow to this day we manage to pull through. There’s a saying that goes; smooth seas don’t make a good sailors.
With this design we’d like to celebrate with you, for everytime you able to go on with your journey, don’t forget to thank yourself, and make a little time to rest for awhile and enjoy yourself.

2. Celebrate Every Shape

Beauty comes in different shapes. have no shame about how you look, it doesn’t define who you are, celebration calls for inclusion.
The diverse range of body shapes across our societies represeent characters. Characters that make the world more fun to live in. Through this design we’d like to celebrate with every one of you and have a wonderful journey with our own body

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