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Be Who You Truly Are With BIEMI

“Listen, understand, and accept for who you are and what you truly have, you have your own uniqueness that is yet to be praised and later to be embraced.”

Reason why YOU must wear BIEMI?

“Customers are more likely to purchase a brand if its personality is similar to their own, or how they want themselves to be projected. Due to the emotional association created in the mind of an ideal consumer group”

Biemi passionately made with the finest denim material and hand painted with quality grade acrylic paint, also created from an encouraging and safe environment for everyone.

Biemi have known as a brand that longs for peace and unity instead of creating diversions between groups, Biemi have a touch of colour or art to bring out its positive vibes and also created with HAND DETAILING BRUSH, Biemi is never scared to promote different social issues, Biemi is always can be a safe place for people to share their stories.

Start From IDR 649.000

Start From IDR 649.000

Start From IDR 649.000